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Phishing attack simulator

Is your computer system prepared to detect malicious emails?

We send malicious emails, previously selected and configured, to members of an organization to assess their level of security.

Active training for companies

We have expert analysts who monitor millions of messages, web addresses, and other data points to identify the latest phishing threats being launched. This way, we create email simulations that are similar to real ones.

Active training for companies

Our goal is learning through experience. Only by understanding what you're up against will you be able to detect it.

60 training modules available.

We have 60 interactive modules to raise awareness among users about specific threats: how to detect suspicious email messages, how to gather credentials, password security, compliance with regulations and policies implemented by the organization, among others. Our goal is to train your team to know how to detect threats in a timely manner.

60 training modules available.

Comprehensive analysis and reporting of results.

In the control panel, you will have access to the results of the conducted campaigns, allowing you to calculate the risk level.

Top-level campaign results.

Employee capture trend (users who have received an email).

Total deceived users (users who have fallen for it: opened the email and performed the forbidden action).

Users who have detected and reported the fraudulent email.

Test coverage.

Days since the last campaign.

Comprehensive analysis and reporting of results.

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