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Antivirus solution (endpoint)

Antimalware security for businesses

Endpoint XDR allows us to trace the source of the threat, isolate at-risk devices to prevent its spread, and automatically eliminate it.


One in four companies does not use data security software. It Digital Security.


81% of companies trust that their business and customer data is as secure as possible. It Digital Security.


70% ensure that their company has a clear data security policy. It Digital Security.


64% of organizations were successfully attacked in 2018. Infocyte.

What do we do at ESED?

  • Behavior analysis.
  • Threat detection through Endpoint XDR.
  • Isolation of devices.
  • Monitoring of malicious traffic.
  • Automatic threat removal.
What do we do at ESED?

Endpoint XDR: Detection and automatic removal of malicious programs.

How do we act in the face of threats?
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Autosolation of devices

Our endpoint is capable of automatically isolating devices and systems that have been compromised or have experienced a security incident, in order to revert them to their previous state and reconnect them to the network when they are ready, thus preventing the same incident from occurring on other devices.



It monitors file write operations for encrypted files. If it detects actions or behaviors similar to ransomware, it restores the affected files and halts the execution of the detected process within seconds.


Synchronized Security

Endpoint, network, mobile devices, wireless networks, email, or encryption products share real-time information and automatically respond to incidents. Management is simplified with a cloud-based central console that integrates the services and allows them to interact with each other.


Deep Learning

Our endpoint utilizes a Deep Learning neural network that functions like the human brain, with a high capacity for threat detection, reducing errors.

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Endpoint detection and response (XDR)

Our endpoint is designed for both security operations and threat hunting. When suspicious activity is detected, it is investigated using AI-based analysis. All of this is done in a controlled environment that does not impact the protected computer, allowing us to determine the scope of an attack before it is executed.

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Anti-ransomware technology

The endpoint has advanced protection that monitors and safeguards the entire attack chain. Deep Learning is incorporated to proactively prevent attacks. Lastly, it is capable of restoring the state of files that have been encrypted while detecting the ransomware attack.

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