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Antiphishing service

Security and protection for your emails through artificial intelligence.

At ESED, we have found the best solution to prevent phishing problems in companies through cloud-based predictive email security with Artificial Intelligence, capable of working with any email client.



Between 45% and 85% of all emails generated each day are spam, posing a risk to employee security and customer information.


Spain ranked as the sixth country worldwide with the highest number of phishing attacks. Digital Security.


Around 1.5 million fake websites intended for phishing are created each month. Akamai.


The total volume of phishing in the first quarter decreased by 19% thanks to antiphishing solutions. Securelist.


Phishing targeting SaaS and webmail services increased its presence in the last quarter. Globb Security.

ESED Antiphishing Solution

We deploy a system that modifies the email reception flow to ensure that only filtered emails are accepted, rejecting any direct attempts to send emails to the protected accounts. This way, all emails reaching the users are always filtered.

Since all emails pass through our servers, users are protected when accessing their email, as messages are delivered after undergoing a screening and analysis process.

Furthermore, the configuration of this service can be managed from a web console along with your other security services.

ESED Antiphishing Solution

We fight against phishing, spam, and malware in emails

01. We block phishing emails for enhanced security.
02. We protect against spam and malware.
03. We protect the confidential or "sensitive" data of your company.

Functionality of the Antiphishing solution

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Cloud-based email security with artificial intelligence

Our solution provides protection for cloud-based email without the need for deployments, through a single administration console.

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Sender authentication

The analyses will determine if an incoming email complies with the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC policies that are established for the sender's domain. If these policies are not met, the server can reject or quarantine the email.

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Policy management (Information granularity)

Policies allow you to manage the service configuration for each user. You can choose what to do when an email does not match its signature or when it is detected as possible spam.

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Emulates user action in a sandbox

When an email appears suspicious, our server encapsulates it and runs it in a virtual machine to determine if it was truly fraudulent.


Protection against identity spoofing

We analyze the behavior and structure of an email, comparing the signatures and addresses, to detect if an email is attempting to impersonate someone or a well-known brand.


Protection of confidential data

Thanks to DLP policies, you can protect the most sensitive data of your organization by using keywords or regular expressions.

We prepare you for the detection of any threat

Discover the level of cybersecurity of your company and learn to detect malicious emails before they affect you with our simulated phishing system.

What is a phishing simulator?

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