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ESED Attack

Ethical hacking technique to validate the security level of your company


We launch controlled and harmless attacks against a computer system to assess its security level and detect vulnerabilities that may jeopardize your company's information.

At ESED, we believe that for a strong defense, it is crucial to understand the types of cyberattacks that an IT infrastructure may face.

ESED Attack, how does it work?

To launch and categorize the attacks, we rely on the MITRE ATT&CK cybersecurity framework, a structured list of known attacker behaviors that are organized into tactics and techniques (translated as objectives).

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We define the validation points

Selection of the equipment and servers con which the test will be executed.

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We design customized attacks

We define the types of attacks that will be executed on the systems.

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We send a report with all the collected information

We generate recurring reports to measure the achieved results.

ESED Attack: Complete guide

Everything to need you know about how we actively validate your company's security.  

Download manual
ESED Attack: Complete guide

How do we present the results?

01. Summary of results by team
A report is presented with the total results of each of the analyzed teams and servers, including the number of attacks each of them has experienced.
02. Summary of each scenario by team
We provide a detailed overview of all the scenarios that have been executed for the teams.
03. Detailed summary of each attack
We provide a specific and detailed report of each attack executed on each team.

Need more information about ESED Attack?

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