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Cybersecurity solutions and IT services for SMEs and large companies. 

We work for results, not by hours.

We offer specific and tailored cybersecurity solutions for your company.

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We provide IT services for the improvement and maintenance of your computer system.

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Cybersecurity specialists and IT solutions in the Biotech sector. We keep your laboratory free from attacks.

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Have you suffered an attack? We take care of everything.

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Discover your website's actual security level, as well as its positioning, performance, and authority easily and quickly.

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Discover your website's actual security level, as well as its positioning, performance, and authority easily and quickly.
Provide peace of mind and security to your clients with our ESED Defense strategy.

We protect your company's and clients' data by designing customized cybersecurity strategies and plans.

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ESED Attack, an ethical hacking technique against threats.

We uncover vulnerabilities in your system by launching controlled and harmless attacks to identify its security gaps and implement the cybersecurity solutions that your business truly needs.


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ESED Training, cybersecurity training for companies.

Security Certification. We train your team to identify potential threats and frauds through email or the internet, thus preventing the entry of malware into your computer system.


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ABAC Therapeutics

"We value the sense of urgency and commitment to meet objectives within agreed deadlines, which are important characteristics in Biotech companies. The outcome of the work resulted in the orderly and efficient outsourcing of IT activities, meeting the established timelines without any significant impact on project objectives. We continue to collaborate with ESED and will keep doing so".

Vantum CEO

"The philosophy of ESED is very similar to ours, and that makes our day-to-day operations much easier. For us, the quality of service is essential, regardless of the extra work required to ensure everything goes smoothly. In this regard, ESED shares our same vision.

Unlike other providers who are solely focused on counting hours, we strive to take care of our clients, always providing them with what they need. ESED does the same for us."

La Puta Suegra CEO

"They have given us the freedom to choose what to do at all times. They only provide advice, and as a client, you have the freedom to choose what you want and what you don't. We see ourselves reflected in them: they are two partners, young, and their business model is based on a relationship of trust. Once you have that trust, you delegate and forget. The same thing happens with our clients: We delegate, trust, and forget."

Eignapharma Chief Executive Officer

"We were familiar with ESED from Tecnocampus, where we have our offices, so we got in touch with Esteban and Eduard. They offered us a different approach that suited us better. They also conducted a training session for our team, which has been really helpful."

Excelium Consultor & CIO

"We went from having 10 attacks per day on 25% of the company to having none."

Minoryx Therapeutics CEO

"Our experience with ESED has been very positive, both in the implementation of new resources and in the day-to-day maintenance and support. We would like to highlight the willingness of their team, the quality of their work, and the promptness in resolving issues."



"They are a young team, but they convey confidence, demonstrate competence, and propose effective solutions that allow you to carry out your activities with the assurance that the services they provide are in very good hands."

Transplant Biomedical CTO

"Transplant Biomedicals is a company in the medical product sector and, therefore, has high demands for quality and efficiency. After an exhaustive selection process, we hired ESED for the comprehensive management of our IT department, and after more than three years working together, we are very satisfied with them.

They have a professional and competent team that provides quick solutions to any problem that may arise, which is why we highly recommend their services."

Technology Area Manager at Ajuntament de Llinars del Vallès.

"Data leakage is a serious security problem that affects many companies. The solution proposed by ESED to prevent this type of incident solves this problem in a very ingenious and efficient manner."

Chief Information Security Officer, UOC

Our experience with ESED has been very satisfactory. Their experts have carried out a meticulous exercise and the result has been very helpful to us. Their constant communication and dedication have left us very satisfied. We have learned a lot and we are confident that thanks to their recommendations we will improve the security of our environments”.