ESED. Cyber Security & IT Solutions

Outsourcing of the cybersecurity department

We protect the data and security of your computer sysem.

We provide you with an expert team in the detection and elimination of threats that can jeopardize your company's information and brand reputation.

ESED, your cybersecurity team, close and tailored to your needs.

Why should you rely on external professionals in cybersecurity?
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Your information is always secure

You will work in a secure environment, while knowing the security status of your company at all times.

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Avoid having your team paralysed

More and more organisations are being forced to shut down production due to cyber-attacks.

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Keep your systems up to date

Most cyber-attacks and security breaches are the result of outdated computer systems or poorly designed IT infrastructures. Monitoring your system is the key to ensuring its cyber security. 

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Constsantly validate your company's security

Validation is a technique used by cybersecurity services to check the security status and critical points, as well as the correct functioning of the means of protection in place.


We listen to you, advise you, accompany you, and help you meet all your cybersecurity needs), you can utilize the following resources.

What does ESED offer you?

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Our team of cybersecurity experts will keep your systems secure and protect you against the ever-increasing cyber attacks.


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Backup management and monitoring

One of the requirements to keep your data safe is to back it up. With this service we will take care of making the necessary backups of your data and keep them safe.


Endpoint management and monitoring

There is no more important part than the endpoint equipment, where an employee goes about his or her day. That's why we'll work to always enforce the best policies and keep all devices that may use corporate data secure.

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Cybersecurity platform management and administration

The best way to maintain security is to have systems that are able to talk to each other and exchange information and to have a centralised console that unifies alerts and is able to mitigate most of them.


Cybersecurity incident response

Is your company under attack? Don't panic, our team is trained to respond to critical security incidents and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Incident management platform

In our plans we include the support you need, we will be at your side to solve your doubts and incidents. You can call or write to us as many times as you want.


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ESED Attack

Our ESED Attack service is based on the validation of security, carrying out innocuous attacks from our servers, which imitate the behaviour of real attacks. The agents installed on the organisation's equipment allow us to monitor the behaviour of these attacks and of the equipment itself.

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Reports for ESED Attack

After a validation of ESED Attack, we will send you a report and interpret the results with you to detect security breaches and repair them.


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8x5 agent monitoring

We take care of monitoring your systems and alert you to any type of incident, as well as working on the restoration as soon as possible.

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Cybersecurity training

A fundamental part of keeping your systems secure is to raise awareness among the people who work with them, and for this we offer cybersecurity training to keep the whole team alert and informed.

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