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Outsourcing of IT services

We want to be your IT department

Don't have an IT department? We take care of everything. Do you already have an IT department? Free it from maintenance tasks so that it can dedicate itself to activities based on your Core Business.


ESED, your expert IT team, close and adapted to your needs.

Why should you rely on external IT technicians?
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Optimize your time

At ESED, we take care of the maintenance and technical work, allowing you to focus exclusively on the core activities of your company, ensuring optimal system performance 365 days a year.

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Cost savings

You can save costs by covering specific needs during specific moments. You only pay for what you really need. Additionally, our fixed plans allow you to control the annual IT expenses.

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Reduce risks

By having a specialized IT team at your disposal, you can reduce risks by managing your IT infrastructure, detecting and combating any threats or risks that may arise.


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Take advantage of the latest technologies

You can take advantage of the latest technologies with our expert team, who are constantly updated, to provide you with solutions based on advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.


At ESED, we listen to you, advise you, accompany you, and help you meet all your IT needs.

What does ESED offer you?

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Cybersecurity consulting

We keep your systems secure and protect you against growing cyber threats. Our work is proactive, not just reactive to cybersecurity issues, ensuring that such problems do not arise.

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Backup management and supervision

We take care of creating and reviewing the necessary data backups to keep them secure.


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Technological consulting

We ensure that your networks are up to date and secure, and we always provide advice on changes that enhance data security and practicality.

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Server administration and management

Our team will handle the management of your servers, whether they are physical or cloud-based, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

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Incident management platform

Our plans include IT support, allowing any user in your organization to reach out to us whenever they need assistance. Furthermore, all incidents and their solutions are recorded, reducing resolution times.

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