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Cybersecurity for businesses

We protect your computer system and information against cyberattacks.

We help you detect vulnerabilities and security gaps in your computer system that can jeopardize your company's and clients' information, which can be used for illicit purposes.

9 out of 10 companies experience a cyberattack. Be the 10% that avoids them. We show you how to prevent and combat them.

ESED, your best ally to win the battle against any attack

Cybersecurity solutions

ESED Defense

ESED Defense, a cybersecurity strategy to defend a computer system from any threat and protect data for businesses.


Antiphishing and antispam services. Security and protection for your emails through artificial intelligence.


We work with endpoint XDR that allows detecting the source of the threat and isolating devices that are at risk.


Our firewall system offers the best protection against the most advanced and recurring threats currently, thanks to the use of Deep Learning technology.

Password management

We offer you a platform for password management. You will have your passwords always updated and protected.


Recover deleted files and keep your backups always updated and with restricted access. You decide who can access them.

Outsourcing services: Outsource your cybersecurity department

We provide you with a team of cybersecurity specialists who will advise you, accompany you, and help you in defending your data and infrastructure.


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